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Weekly Roundup 6: My Obsessions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

As of yesterday, we are officially one! week! away! from Halloween. And 61 days away from Christmas, which is super wild. Is it obvious that I am very holiday driven? I was one of those elementary school kids who cared about decorating her Valentine's Day box a little too much.

(We also had to decorate boxes for D.A.R.E. - yeah, D.A.R.E. as in Drug Abuse Resistant Education. I am not really sure why? But I did win my school's D.A.R.E. essay contest, AKA, my crowning achievement.)

Basically, when Leslie throws Anne a going away party in Parks & Recreation, and it is a combination of all the holidays that they will be missing once Anne moves - that is my dream. I want the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Freddy Krueger, and fireworks all in one place.

But, enough about my weird Hallmark fantasies. Time to get to the good stuff.

Here's your Weekly Roundup:

1. Austin Kleon is one of my favorite bloggers and all-around creative humans. When I was working on my undergrad creative writing thesis, my professor had us read his book Steal Like an Artist, which really changed things for me and helped me find new ways to be inspired. He has other books too, along with a blog and other little side projects. I really want to splurge on this journal he recently put together.

2. I think I found the most important Twitter account to ever exist. And it is Tessa Thompson, as various goats.

3. Did you hear that we may be getting a Courage the Cowardly Dog prequel?! The creator, John R. Dilworth, recently shared the news. Fingers crossed, because a Courage prequel series sounds amazing.

4. I wanted to pay a special tribute to Dorcas Reilly, the original creator of the green bean casserole, who has recently passed away. Green bean casserole is one of my favorite foods (besides hash brown casserole - or basically, any type of casserole). Dorcas Reilly's original green been recipe card was even donated to the National Inventors Hall of Fame! Her legacy lives on. We love you, Dorcas.

5. With Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time to check out Creepy Co. I am *obsessed* with their collections and recently ordered this gorgeous Easy Bake Coven shirt. There is also this Goosebumps blanket that I really want and oh my gosh you guys, speaking of Goosebumps...

6. I saw the Goosebumps sequel over the weekend and it was adorable! It had all the nostalgia and warm little trick or treating as a kid feelings - minus the being terrorized by monsters part. I loved the 2015 Goosebumps too and hope they keep turning out these movies every couple of years because I will be there, throwing them my money.

We have reached the end of this Weekly Roundup! Read something you like? Keep the share-the-love train going.

If you haven't already, please check out my piece on Columbus Navigator: The 5 Most Overlooked Hidden Haunts in Columbus.

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