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Weekly Roundup 12: My Obsessions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This most recent time change has turned my brain into a full-time slug with a bow, but we are finally getting close to the weekend! Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday bring HorrorHound in Cincinnati, Ohio and St. Patrick's Day - when I will be taking my 89 year old grandmother out for beers and dancing.

This Weekly Roundup will be a little short and sweet:

1. Spring is just around the corner! For us mid-westerners, that means *fingers crossed* that some milder weather and sunshine that doesn't feel like a rarity will come our way. Besides busting out your rain boots and stocking up on Reese's eggs, you can play some of these springy board games to help welcome the mood of a new season.

2. A cemetery in Zurich is stocked with a Mourning Machine: a vending machine with tissues, rosaries, and more to help comfort funeral-goers.

3. After a brief hiatus, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is finally returning this Friday! This delightfully bizarre show has made me laugh, cry, and realize that I am still capable of swooning over Scott Michael Foster.

4. A Lego pop-up bar exists, and is touring the United States this year.

5. I've been busy binging Con Man online (and almost finished it ALL in one sitting thanks to episodes that last around ten minutes) and hope passionately that it will come back with a third season. The show follows Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk), an actor who frequents conventions and other appearances after starring in a cult sci-fi series, but who really has ambitions of being a more serious, mainstream performer. The show also includes Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker, Eliza Dushku, Felicia Day, and many more members of the Whedon crew plus other nerdy celebrities.

We have reached the end of this Weekly Roundup! Read something you like? Keep the share-the-love train going.

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