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Weekly Roundup 11: My Obsessions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Holy cow, folks - it has been a month since I last updated. And for that, I sincerely apologize. Besides still getting the hang of my new full time job, my time has been spent binging Castle, reading The Expanse Series, and hanging out with friends. I had decided that my little hedgehog-squid-hybrid brain needed a quick break from writing, which is something I truly used to shame myself for. But hey - it's totally okay. It has been constantly drilled into me that you must WRITE EVERY DAY. PRACTICE EVERY DAY. But creating is about so much more. It's also about living, researching, and taking in other people's art. If you need some space from what you're doing, take it without feeling guilty. No one can be 100% on, all the time.

This week, I have seen quite a few things that have really piqued my interest. Check out what I'm currently obsessed with in this belated

~Weekly Roundup~

1. Jim Henson's Storyteller is coming back to TV! Neil Gaiman is taking on the project.

2. Angel the Series (Buffy's spinoff) is officially turning 20 this year! Excuse me while I get a little weepy. If you're a Buffy fan but have never given Angel a try, it is so worth it.

3. Like any other lover of pop culture and cute things, I am a big fan of Funko Pops. In fact, I have a rule that I am not allowed to purchase any for myself, and can only accept them as gifts. Or else I would completely fall down a rabbit hole and buy hundreds of them. However, I may have to make an exception for this Office Space collection...

4. There is a Poop Museum coming to Japan. The museum will be dedicated to adorable poo, adorned with purple and pink piles alike.

5. Bob Ross is getting an action figure! And I have been gifted a Bob Ross Funko Pop, so it only seems appropriate that I add this to my collection as well.

6. Polly Pocket has a collection at Hot Topic. I repeat: POLLY POCKET HAS A 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION AT HOT TOPIC.

We have reached the end of this Weekly Roundup! Read something you like? Keep the share-the-love train going.

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