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Toronto, Canada

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Stackt Market

While hopping from street to street, we stumbled upon a group of shipping crates turned into a series of eclectic shops and snackeries. Needless to stay - if you're in Toronto and looking for the perfect Instagram spot: check out Stakt Market. There were also a couple of bars in the area that weren't open yet for the day, and some vendors were setting up for a moonlight market later that evening. All in all, you could spend hours here.

Venturing around town

I wasn't expecting Toronto to be filled with vibrant street art, bright colors, and so many - well, shiny buildings. The skyscrapers reflected all of the culture and sunlight right back at us every step of the way. Each time we turned a corner, I heard a rush of different languages. French is prominent in Toronto, so I even had the opportunity to dust off some of my French 4 speaking skills at Le Sélect Bistro.

The Lockhart

Of course, we couldn't leave Toronto without stopping by The Lockhart, a Harry Potter themed bar with delicious craft cocktails. Mine was even adorned with little white flowers, which made everything all the more delicate and fanciful. The references were subtle (minus the big mural of the Whomping Willow outside of the bathroom in the bar basement).

Toronto, Canada was one of the best traveling experiences I've had. The city was brimming with diverse food, parks, fun night clubs, and tons of shops that made exploring without a destination an absolute dream. I would go back in a heartbeat to take in some museums and more delicious pho!

But the highlight of my trip? Well, it may have been this Drake cookie. How can anything compete?


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