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Miami, Florida

I was in Miami for less than three days, and I had one goal: Get to The Wynwood Walls. A majority of my trip was spent at a technology and aviation conference for work, but when it came time to catch a flight home, I ventured over to Wynwood for a quick adventure.

Wynwood District

The neighborhood was bustling with life - people laughing, clinking cocktails, and snapping photos of the street art and shop fronts. The area was formerly known as an industrial district, and is now a hub of art and entertainment. I wove my way through crowds to check out the boutiques and galleries, in what truly was a whirlwind.

The Wynwood Walls were created by urban developer Tony Goldman, as an effort to revitalize the community by turning warehouse walls into murals. Overtime, other artists were invited to join, making the walls and sculptures a "must-see" spot in Miami, and a beautiful tribute to Wynwood's history and culture.

With windy beaches amidst tangled skyscrapers, I hope to visit Miami again soon. I would definitely venture back to the Wynwood District, and also visit some of the museums I passed by but was unable to explore - like one of Miami's many art museums or the HistoryMiami Museum.

Anyway, in the poetic words of Will Smith - and probably very irritating to anyone who actually lives in Miami (sorry in advance):

Welcome to Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

And hopefully see you soon.


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