• Jordan Abbruzzese

10 Things Any Netflix/Lifetime/Hallmark Holiday Movies Have In Common

Updated: Apr 2

Each year, I watch as many made-for-TV holiday movies as possible. I laugh, I cry, I cringe - I relish in the corniness of everything Netflix/Lifetime/Hallmark has to offer. These past couple of weeks, I've spent some time sick in bed, and have taken my watching to a whole new level. 10+ movies later (and we still have time left before the 25th, people) I noticed that there are some definite themes happening. So take this list as you will, and I may or may not be suggesting that you should use it for a drinking game:

1. The main character is brutally dumped right before Christmas. Her boyfriend/fiance is either a jerk who is a fancy lawyer or CEO of an advertising firm, OR the woman works too much so her fiance breaks things off because she doesn't have enough time for him.

2. The main character, again, usually a woman - has lost one or both parents (also can substitute grandparents or great aunt). Christmas is this deceased family member's favorite time of year, so it is especially hard for them.

3. For a multitude of reasons, the main character (woman) has to go back to her tiny small town for the holidays after spending many years in a big city, like NYC. She has completely forgotten her past and lost touch with reality.

4. A good 40% of the time, this woman is a baker who owns a successful cookie or cupcake shop.

5. The new love interest (since the fiance/boyfriend are usually out of the picture in the first five minutes of the movie) is someone from her hometown. Perhaps it is an old high school fling, or someone who is very grounded and was born and raised there, even though she has never met them or heard of them before in her tiny village that has a population of 500 people. This man usually holds a job like: a carpenter, an inn keeper, or general handyman.

6. Speaking of inns, there just might be an inn involved. A small inn with no Wi-Fi and hot coffee is a Christmas movie staple.

7. The woman is usually a musician, or more specifically, a piano player. But she has not played piano since she was a little girl. And her new love interest brings out the best in her in the inevitable piano playing scene that is sometimes accompanied by a vocal performance as well.

8. There might be a magical item that helps show the main character the true meaning of the holiday. Popular examples: snow globe, advent calendar, or nutcracker. Of course, no one will believe her that this thing she has is magical.

9. Hot chocolate or eggnog are consumed at a small party or gathering and referenced way too many times. Like, a weird amount.

10. Usually, after any given time between two days and three weeks, they will declare their love for one another and even get engaged! Why wait or think things through? It's Christmas!

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