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Weekly Roundup 9: My Obsessions

Updated: Apr 2

The past few days have been spent in bed sick, still falling deeper into the sticky web of Netflix original holiday movies, and struggling to keep up with real-life things that I haven't had the energy to see through. I went to a bar + arcade over the weekend, and could have very well caught this small virus (or what Tobias has officially deemed "Squid Rickets*") there, but it has left me feeling pathetic - although excited that I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate in bed all day.

*Side note: Tobias calls all sickness 'rickets' and I recently said "I don't think rickets means what you think it means" and he responded "It's when children's bones get weak from a lack of vitamin D" and I was like "Oh okay, then I stand corrected, that was a fairly accurate definition."

But enough about me! We have things to talk about, so let's get to it:

Weekly Roundup:

1. The Golden Globe nominations have been released! Awards season is like my Super Bowl, and the Golden Globes kick it all off, making it my favorite presentation.

2. I am enamored with these pies that look like paintings. They are too beautiful to eat! (Much like a chocolate frog I was once gifted. I felt so terrible eating him but eventually did because, well, chocolate.)

3. A teaser trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 has dropped and I am pumped. The first season was perfect creepy, campy fun and I can't wait to see what else Greendale has to offer - plus hopefully a crossover episode with RIVERDALE!

4. I am currently very into these mini alley way inserts that slip in between your books. A whole other little world hidden between worlds!

5. It's the most wonderful time of the year - AKA when all of the 2018 Best Books Lists get published. Check out this one from NPR.

6. Feeling stuck, or like you're lacking in creativity? I love this article about intentionally creating more 'ah-ha!' moments.

7. With feelings of the holiday season in the air, let's not forget that Star Wars has a Holiday Special. If you haven't seen this masterpiece, then I would highly recommend a little watch. Just don't get mad at me after. Thoughts from George Lucas on the special: "If I had time and a hammer, I'd track down every bootleg copy and smash it."

8. I have only just *now* found out about the Scottish Zombie Christmas Musical Anna and the Apocalypse, and am very interested. This sounds like a potential new holiday favorite.

We have reached the end of this Weekly Roundup! Read something you like? Keep the share-the-love train going.

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