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Weekly Roundup 7: My Obsessions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Woo, okay, I am a couple of weeks behind from posting because this month has been, in the wise words of my dear friend Jessica, "Cuckoo banana biscuits" (isn't that some great imagery? I imagine a humanoid banana running around screaming with little cookies in its tiny banana hands).

So - more announcements soon, most like on my Facebook and Twitter so stay! in! touch! Follow! this! squid/hedgehog hybrid!

All right, I don't know what time you're reading this but it is 6:30am as I am typing it out so I will cool it on the exclamation points. I am just feeling a lot of THINGS. Most of all, excitement for the newest ~

Weekly Roundup:

1. There is a new Twilight Zone series in the works, featuring my TV boyfriend Adam Scott.

2. Like thousands of others, I was highly entertained by Adam Ellis' Dear David story on Twitter. And now, Dear David is getting a movie.

3. I've been really feeling @Skelehime's horror comics, giving me an X-Files vibe and all the spooky goodness.

4. I mentioned this in a previous blog post once upon a time, but I recently revisited Room 25 by Noname (Fatimah Nyeema Warner). This album is brilliant - and perfect for long commutes.

5. There are so many amazing shows I plan on watching, but I personally need to take a break from dramas and all things intense. Nerdist put together a great article on feel-good shows worth checking out.

6. Betrayal at House on the Hill is getting a legacy game. And I am here for it.

7. Finally, this week, we lost the legendary Stan Lee. I don't currently have the words to explain how he inspired me, helped create a world that I love, and so much more. So I will just say, Thank You.

We have reached the end of this Weekly Roundup! Read something you like? Keep the share-the-love train going.

Follow me on Twitter @JordanAbbz and on Facebook at The Hedgehog Files for more.


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