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To Journal Or Not To Journal

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hello everyone! In one week, it will officially be fall, and I will transcend into a spooky higher being of power. Since my last update, I've been on that creative grind - writing, editing, submitting, and repeat. I've also been working on a surprise project that has been floating around my brain box for years. Hint hint: the video section of this website may actually have something soon! If all goes according to my evil, dysfunctional (yet endearing?) plan.

This weekend, I will be donning my elf ears for the Renaissance Festival, and visiting my hometown's annual arts fest. I hope to also take some time for myself, because stress and has definitely gotten the best of me as of late. But I am here! And so are you.

This morning, I read an article about journaling, and although I write constantly - for work, for my blog, for my poems and essays, I haven’t really journaled in a while. Growing up, I used to religiously keep a diary and thought that one day, a historian would find my journals and I would be the subject of a historical fiction book or end up in a museum. I was obsessed with the Dear America book series, and even tried to write like them to save the future historians some work. My dear sister has taken ill and father had to leave the shop early. I must run and help mother butter the bread for supper.

Sometimes, I will write down three things I am thankful for in my idea journal before I go to bed, which I find pleasant and centering. Considering I haven't done it in a while, I will do it right now. Because it is Friday, and taking time to celebrate small joys is always worth it.

2. I am really loving Noname's newly released album, Room 25.

3. The latest season of BoJack Horseman is officially on Netflix, and I am ready to laugh and cry simultaneously.

I want to commit to journaling regularly again. Because expressing what you're thankful for or screaming onto a page about your rage is a whole different exercise entirely from other creative outlets. It's personal, revealing, and I think I've been missing out and should get back to my Dear America loving roots.

Who's with me?


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