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Are Wax Museums Cool Now?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In the past twelve months, I've visited two wax museums. I have spent roughly $90 total to get the all-access packages both times (sometimes wax museums include a haunted attraction in really touristy areas) and may have more pictures of wax figures on my phone than real people.

Essentially, I am on my way to developing a strange habit.

It all started about ten years ago, when my family visited a Civil War Wax Museum in Kentucky. We were on a vacation that also consisted of visiting an Australia-themed zoo and risking our lives on an alpine slide. The museum consisted of various scenes behind glass that lit up when you pushed a button. Each scene showed events leading up to the Civil War, and then ended in a large room with a pit in the middle surrounded by metal railings. Down below was a scene from the battle of Gettysburg, the wax figures posed in fighting positions. As we walked into the room, a light shined on the battle and a recording of an ominous voice reciting the Gettysburg Address played.

My middle school choir teacher had written a musical the year prior as a tribute to our troops, and part of it included us reciting the Gettysburg Address (it also featured a choreographed lip sync routine to Rockin' in the USA) so I spoke along with the recording since we were literally the only people in the museum that day. And in that moment, I was transformed.

About a month ago, I visited San Francisco for work, bringing my mom and sister with me. It wasn't long until we stumbled upon a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum down the street from our hotel.

We strolled into the museum at 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday, instantly greeted by a young Robin Williams. Our journey had begun.

If you don't know anything about Marie Tussaud - look her UP! She was fascinating. She would make wax figures to display in her home using decapitated heads as models. How wild is that? Halloween is comin', y'all.

Also can you believe that we are #blessed with a Friday the 13th this coming October? Praise be.

Anyway, recently on social media, I have seen a lot of posts discussing Beyonce wax museum figures and how they actually do not look anything like her. And I agree. The pictures I have seen are pretty hilarious. I have an image of the San Fran wax figure Beyonce myself, and she looks sort of accurate? But also not...

Comparatively, this is one of the better ones. And Madame Tussauds museums even use real hair in their wax figures. How cute and fun for everyone!

So --- are wax museums cool now? Is this the new, ~hip~ thing, and I am ahead of the trend? Or is this really just all about Beyonce...because honestly I wouldn't blame anyone if it was.


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