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Muppets and Words of Encouragement

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I went to update last week, but quickly fell down the deep, dark rabbit hole of the Muppet Wiki page. It all began with investigating a picture the Sesame Street Twitter account tweeted for Mother's Day, and ended with researching the type of dog Oscar the Grouch's girlfriend has (which is a Rottendoodle if you were curious).

Its name is Itchy and they are very cute.

Oscar also has a dog named Cranky, but I won't dive into that right now.

After about three hours or so of digging through text on Elmo's uncle who died in the military and how his father now wears a goatee and track suit (an earlier model had the Muppet sporting a mustache), I decided it was time to take a break.

One week later and I have successfully moved into a new place, put most of my stuff away, and started to locate things to pack (yet again) for my family vacation I am leaving for TOMORROW. I also finally tried cookie butter for the first time, and have learned to ignore the spider happily living in the top left corner of my living room ceiling.

The past two weeks have been exhausting, sprinkled with packing, getting a stomach bug, moving, and unpacking. Some days it was hard to get out of bed, and others it was even harder not to collapse face-down on the floor when I got home from work. But hey, I got through it! Dealing with the stress that come along with moving and work are a super first-world problems to have, but my anxiety had me losing sleep about it for months. The jolt of leaving somewhere that you considered your safe space and home only to suddenly occupy a new set of empty walls can be jarring. But the weight is now off my shoulders, and although I feel resulting emotional instability, irritability and general emptiness from exhaustion, it's finally Friday.

As we go into the weekend, I wanted to say that I am so proud of everyone else for making it through the day, the week, the month, or so far this year. Whether you're dealing with mental illness, invisible illnesses, long-time sickness, balancing school and work, big life changes, death in the family, a job you hate, toxic relationships, or hard decisions - you have made it, and will continue to make it.

For those who feel lonely, self-loathing, or alienated in the world - for those who don't know if they can make it through another day, I wanted you to know that you are amazing. You have so much to give, and I admire your strength to live each day doing what you have to do to survive.

Self care is important, and so are you! If happiness is a walk in a park with an ice cream cone or binging through your favorite TV show, then I encourage you to do that this weekend. Love yourself and each other.

I can also guarantee that there will be more Muppet updates soon. Until next time -


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