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A Post Dedicated To Squids

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

While attempting to mentally unwind on my lunch break, I opened my Timehop to see what thrilling things I had posted about the past few years. And on this day, one year ago, I was really thinking about squids:

Instead of relaxing over my sad yogurt and granola, I got pretty jazzed thinking about how weird and cute squids are.

(Side note: My boyfriend started calling me squid a few years ago, because he said I "held his hand like one". I do tend to be a lazy hand-holder, to be honest, making him do all of the work while I just lay there. To be fair, he has like GIANT hands and I have very small paws, so I'm kind of like why even try at this point? For reasons that I won't get into, I call him "Moose" (Okay well maybe I'll talk about it anyway - he often knocks things over and does silly things and claims to be "Moosin' around". He also has long legs just like a baby moose. And one time we saw a video about a guy feeding a moose named Karen a carrot, but you had to kiss Karen and tell her she was pretty or else she got upset. In the end, he really identified with Karen.) and he calls me squid. We have decided that specifically, I am a Land Squid. That is why I need to lay down and I flop around all of the time. I'm still getting used to walking on my tentacles.)

What better way to celebrate today than to talk about squids? Because they're very silly and I love them.

So buckle-up, squiddos! Let's hammer out some fun facts:

1. Did you know that October 10th is National Squid Day? The next day, October 11th, is Myths and Legends Day, for all of the fantastical cinematic and literary cephalopods (example: the Kraken!). Really, I'm picturing a two-day deal here as a possibility. A 48 hour Squid-Extravaganza. (You can find out more about cephalopod-themed days at

2. With eight arms and two longer tentacles, squids are strong swimmers. They also are capable of flying out of the water for short distances, which may be the most terrifying thing I've ever imagined.

3. A squid has not one, but three hearts. If you want to truly be loved this Valentine's Day, get yourself a squid.

4. Some really large squids can weigh over 1,000 pounds. The giant squid even has eyes as big as basketballs.

5. A majority of the time, squids are seen as loners, going through the ocean as solitary swimmers. All of those hearts and nothing to love! The truest tragedy.

6. Finally, did you know that there is such a thing as a bobtail squid, aka the most adorable thing ever?! Just picture them with little bows. Bobtail squids were created for small bows.

I hope you enjoyed my squid-facts (HASHTAG SQUID FACTS) and take the time to appreciate these squishy little creatures as you go about your day. For the sake of sourcing, I found a majority of this information on wikipedia and

Oh, and here is a picture of my 87 year old grandma wearing a squid hat:

Have a squid-tastic day!


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