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5 Ways to Tell You Love Your Tabletop RPG Too Much

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

My largest RPG group recently began taking a month off following our 16 week game, but my smaller all-girl group is in full-swing after just finishing our fourth night playing (and losing some sleep because holy cow, I think I've met the scariest NPC ever). I also just received a teaser for a third RPG that will be starting in a couple of weeks, and am currently working on my character sheet for a murder mystery LARP taking place on New Years. When explaining this to my coworkers or my super hip little sister, I realize that it might sound little strange and obsessive--but eh, we've already talked about that. Obsession is my normal. Keeping track of multiple imaginary universes, including my television shows of course, is awesome. I've hardly ever lived in reality anyway.

But sometimes, when I think of how I've consistently played weekly (sometimes more than one night a week) for months and that I live with two GMs--I think I may have gone off the deep-end.

If any of the following has happened to you, then you too may love your tabletop RPG a little too much:

1. You work with a graphic designer to create a fictional logo/label to give to your GM and group to celebrate your 16th game and his birthday. The Dancing Oak was a pub that was essential to the first season of Drowning Ikallas (and, as the label suggests, had some great salted pork).

Designer: Courtney S.

2. You're willing to give up plans you already made. Plans in public, with people, and alcohol.

3. You start receiving fan-art collages inspired by PCs that your fellow players make on their days off from work.

Source: Meggie Sheahan

4. You have specialty dice websites bookmarked on your computer and want to collect the really cool crystal dice--but know that ultimately the novelty outweighs the practicality.

Source: Dark Elf Dice

5. You incorporate props. On Wednesday night, we used a full tea-set and a Ouija board to make the game more interactive.

Are there any wacky or over-the-top things you've done to express your love for your game? Please share with me, because I'd really love to know!

On another note: tomorrow I am going to look at a model train exhibit and I couldn't be more excited. *chants "tiny things! tiny things! tiny things!* I hope that you can all feel my joy. I wish I had a train sweater and conductor's hat to wear to the exhibit. Hmm, note-to-self: look for train sweaters...

So happy Friday, don't split the party, and have a good weekend everybody.


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