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Wait, Obsession is Normal...Right?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

While recently riding in a car with some friends, the conversation switched to the upcoming live Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was, of course, ecstatic, and my friend Abby expressed that she would be watching as well. "Oh, I thought you were OVER Rocky Horror," I said dramatically (We were supposed to go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror at a local theater about a year prior, but she changed her mind the day of. Did I mention I'm a grudge holder? Yeah, I'm tons of fun.) She laughed "Oh my God, are you still talking about that? I don't know, I used to love it and I watched it too much and now I'm over it. But I still want to see the live version!"

"I don't think I understand what being "over it" means," I responded. "If I love something I completely inundate myself with it. I never get sick of it, and don't understand why other people don't love it as much as I do. If I'm into something, then I am completely obsessive and I accept that." Our other friend Meggie agreed that she had similar tendencies (Sherlock is to Meg as Buffy is to me), and we continued our ride back to my house to the play the "Coven of Warstone Parade" RPG I wrote about previously. (By the way, it was AMAZING--props to Orey, my housemate *clap clap clap*).

Days later, I had spent a large amount of money going apple picking, walking through a corn maze, picking pumpkins, and riding in a wagon. Fall themed activities are my life source, so naturally I was thrilled. The Halloween season is when I am reborn again. When I full-out burst into flames and become a baby phoenix playing in the ashes.

On the way back home, I stopped at the mall to hit up Lush because they just came out with their Halloween bath bombs. One of the absolute BEST things for when I'm feeling anxious or overly stressed is to take a bath, drink some wine, and listen to Welcome to Nightvale. 10/10 would recommend for anyone.

So, I walk into Lush and notice that they had like, multiple Halloween bath bombs. I didn't really plan on spending $40, but I couldn't walk away. It was my turn to check-out when the cashier looked at me, her mouth dropping a bit and her eyebrows raising as she said "Oh, WOW! You bought ALL of them!" in a high-pitched (somewhat alarmed) voice. "And your shirt..." she continued, "I just LOVE that you're celebrating early. *awkward laughter*"

I was wearing an orange Halloween sweatshirt with a horrific black cat and witch hat pattern on the front. You know, the kind you typically find at thrift stores or on a preschool teacher. I tried to wear the sweatshirt every chance that I got, because I ONLY HAVE 31 DAYS TO WEAR IT! Not that I won't wear it, you know, later in the year. (Spooky Christmas is a thing).

I smiled and nodded, aware that this Lush employee was full-out judging me. My internal dialogue was going a mile a minute: Is this weird? Am I weird? It's October, I'm just buying the products! WHY IS SHE LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?

She continued with telling me how she recently went to the store and saw a Halloween decoration aisle, but that her boyfriend would ~kill her~ if she bought them. I thought of the tubs and bags of decor I had at home and let out a fake laugh. Yeah, totally. Same. She decided to buy a skeleton towel and figured that was festive enough. A skeleton towel? I would use that like, all year 'round.

At this point, I was just trying to pay and be on my way. I wanted to visit the American Girl store to look at the tiny doll accessories before I went home. Last time I was in there, they had a miniature goat for Josephina that I really wanted for myself. It was a spiritual experience. "Do you have any special plans, then?" she went on, obviously intrigued. This woman thought I was a complete psycho. I told her about some various festivals, parties, and activities I planned on partaking in before I turned to walk out, five different bath bombs in my hand.

I mean, just look at them.


(But honestly, I'm going to feel really bad about using the little ghost. His sweet face will melt as I sit in his dissolved body and feel like a serial killer. This is some serious American Psycho stuff.)

Anyway--as I mentioned before, it's really hard for me to understand when someone does not also like the things I am passionate about. But I think that's okay. Passionate people spread the word on cool (or uh, not so cool...heh heh) things they are into. Enthusiasm is how books, games, television shows, music, movies, etc spread. Loving something fully and unapologetically makes me the happiest. October is my absolute favorite time of year, and I am going to go all out and love every minute. Candy corn will be coming out of my ears, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you love something, be proud, even if an employee from an all-natural-beauty-products-store-who-went-wild-buying-a-skeleton-towel-at-chain-grocery-store judges you for it. If you're super into something, and want to talk about it, even for a ridiculously long time--let me know! Share it here. Hit me up on social media. I love to see what you enjoy and what turns your cogs. The things I love dearly have saved my life over and over again. And I hope the same for you.

So, let your skeleton towel fly. This is Halloween.


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