• Jordan Abbruzzese

Snails In Love

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I watched in slow motion as my laptop slid from my bed-sheets to the carpet, with unrivaled panic and disbelief. Upon hitting the ground, the screen turned to a series of rainbow and static frenzy. I listened closely, first to the muffled thud, and then to a slight whistling sound. Picking it up tenderly, I hummed "Taps" as I cradled the broken body close to my bosom.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and I have luckily acquired a new machine. Therefore, I can update with a short, extremely positive, potentially obnoxious thought-train:

The highlight of my day was seeing a small group of crows while walking through the cemetery. The sheer eerie-ness of the live action, stereotypical scene was more than I could handle.

Crunchy peanut butter is good by itself.

..Ketchup is not.

I remember the first time I heard the word "pretentious". Does using the word "pretentious" make one "pretentious"?

I cried in my bed while watching "13 Going on 30" last night because 1980's middle-school-girls were so mean.

I think I'm a 1980's middle school girl.

If you could unravel a single thread from my heart shaped brain, I think that you could weave me.

My highlight of the last week was perhaps thinking of a new outline for a potential children's book(s)! I want to write children's literature, and have two drafts for books already (along the lines of 1. Scruffy the Dog being lost in Paris, and 2. a Fairy that defies gender stereotypes). My newest idea is a series of books about a snail couple. ~~*Snails in love*~~ or maybe just cute, little snail critter friends.

Ooh la la, a sneak peak! The boy snail has a bow-tie and the girl snail has a pink bow. It seemed fitting and I identify with this little girl snail on so many levels. She embodies my essence and total being.


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